Website creation and design

Domain Name Registration Service

The Domain name or website name is registered and maintained on behalf of the Client. Based on the decision taken on the domain name, it will be registered with an ICANN approved domain registrar, directly. The website will have the Client name and address as Registrant. But the contact details, technical and administrative details will be that of Consultant for safety  and regular administration.

Website hosting with Email id

The website hosting is taken up on behalf of the Client. Based on the requirement, appropriate hosting plan is taken from a hosting company. Regular administration related to the hosting account will be undertaken and upgradation, if necessary, will be informed to the Client.

The Email ids that were decided, will be created and will be configured on the Client's local machine or in a Gmail account based on the preference.

Website design

Website design includes the design of web pages. Based on the content used and the purpose, the web pages can be classified into 5 types.

a. Text page  contains purely text content. However, the text can be presented with different sizes, emphasis and colors.

b. Picture page contains text and scanned images. The text and the images are fit into a proper readable web page.

c. Graphical page contains text, scanned images and graphical elements designed to add visual appeal. The graphical elements include pop-ups, scrollers, mini-slideshows which are very attractive to the visitors.

d.  Forms page contains  a form apart from other elements so that the website can accept data from the visitors, which are sent to a program that processes them. The information which is accepted, can then be stored on the website database or emailed to the website owner in a pleasing, readable format.

e. Home page is the entry page to a website. It should be easily navigable, readable and quickly loading so that people can quickly move to the desired section of the website.
Only essential elements are retained on the home page to avoid clutter.